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WeShop is a community owned Shoppable Social Network that combines shopping with social media. Designed with all the functionality consumers have come to expect from social media, WeShop lets you shop the products you love and connect with other people all while earning a stake in the business.

And most importantly WeShop pioneers the belief of share democratisation delivered through its revolutionary ShareBack mechanism. So, unlike any other platform, it is giving away over 90% of the business to its community.

WeShop’s revolutionary mechanism ‘ShareBack’ means the people using the platform earn an investment in the company with each purchase, successful recommendation or introduction of a new member to the community.

So, through WeShop, just buy the products you always buy, from the same retailers you always use, at the same price you always pay and become an owner of the next Amazon. It’s time for you to share in the wealth you have helped to create and it’s time to start the #RetailRevolution.


The WeShop App is available as a rolling launch within the UK with over 500 major retailers available and over 1.5 billion products available through the platform with more retailers joining each week.

A US version is in development with an intended launch around the time of the Nasdaq listing.

Shares in WeShop issued to its users

  • There are no special classes of shares so each share will have exactly the same voting rights. Therefore, through the standard corporate mechanisms, WeShop shareholders (its users, that’s you) will decide how the company is run i.e., the election of the board, dividend policy, corporate responsibility policy, etc.

  • Over time as WeShop grows over 90% of WeShop will be owned by its users

Currently, WeShop is incorporated in the BVI and with its various professional partners WeShop is putting in place the corporate structure for both the Nasdaq listing and the roll out to new territories such as the US.

WeShop Shares

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