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Find important FAQs, marketing resources, screenshots & more in your WeShop portal.

Getting started

Step One: Your Account

Make sure your WeShop account is set-up, with a profile picture, posts & has a good variation of wishlists. We recommend anywhere from 5-10 posts & always upload your own photography or videos. The quality of your posts help others create great recommendations.

If you want to get the verification tick next to your profile, take the WeShop verification quiz and if you pass the short quiz, we’ll verify your account and you’ll become a verified WeShop expert.

Take the Verification Quiz

Wishlists are an easy way to help people understand what sort of things you’re looking at buying, but haven’t yet purchased. We recommend 3-4 wishlists to help people understand what you could buy on WeShop, from Christmas gifts to new garden furniture, you can create a wishlist for just about anything.

As a WeShop Founder Influencer, you want to set a good example to the people you’re inviting to the platform.

Step Two: Understand the System

One of the most important responsibilities of a WeShop Founder Influencer is being able to help your audience understand what WeShop is all about, how it works and assist them if they’re stuck with any issues.

You can visit our helpdesk to review our extensive list of FAQs or see below for our quick-fire responses that we’ve pre-written for you.

Step Three: Promoting your WeShop Profile

Every time you invite a new shopper to join the WeShop platform, you’ve got an opportunity to earn when they shop. The more people you invite, the more you earn. It really is that simple.

Here are a few ways we’ve found work best to help keep your followers engaged:

Set-up a WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber group chat

If you create a meaningful group chat & share your group invitation link, it’ll help you stay on top of any queries or issues your followers have with their WeShop account, remind them to keep using WeShop & give them access to early bird competitions, promotions & new retailer launches.

You’ll be able to administer & monitor what happens in your own group chat, plus it gives your followers a chance to engage with you personally.

Share the ‘How to WeShop’ PDF with your audience

Your audience need to understand how WeShop generate revenue, which retailers are on the platform & other important information in a simple attachment.

You can download the PDF and attach it to messages, upload screenshots of it to your social media & so much more.

Get creative, put your own spin on it

The fact is, you know your followers better than anyone. You know what works with your audience & how to speak to them. It’s your ability to help them understand how WeShop works that will drive what you earn in referrals.

Remember, if you wish to participate in our referral scheme, you must declare this as an advertisement. 

Step Four: Your Earnings

Your account will already show the 2x referral reward (5%), which means you’ll automatically earn 5% on any new followers you invite to WeShop from the moment your account was activated as a WeShop Founder Influencer.

If your account doesn’t show the 5% referral reward (visit your Refer & Earn page to check), please urgently contact support

Help Guide

FAQs & Instant Replies

We understand it’s not always easy answering important questions, so we recommend visiting the helpdesk and sending the links to our FAQs to your friends who are having issues with their app.

Missing a purchase?

You can raise a claim from your dashboard by clicking the ‘Raise claim’ button and WeShop customer support will investigate your purchase.

How long does it take for a claim to appeal?

From the point of submitting the claim, it will be reviewed and actioned within 7 working days. It can then take up to 90 days for the retailer to respond.

Can I see a list of every retailer on WeShop?

Visit the Shopping page on the WeShop app and tap the ‘A-Z Retailers’ tab to see an alphabetical list of every supported retailer.

First Purchase Bonus

Make your first purchase within 15 days of joining WeShop to earn 50% Shareback on any purchase, at any retailer, with no limit to how much you can spend.

Returning an item or cancelling a purchase

If you return or cancel your purchase, your transaction will be marked as declined by the retailer & WeShop will remove the shares you’d earned from that purchase.

Booking a holiday using WeShop

Your shares will be available once you’ve been on your holiday, and you’ll still earn if you pay at the hotel, pay upfront or pay using instalments.

Partial-returns or changing dates on a booking

If your purchase has changed value in any way (partial return, changing dates, exchanging items, etc.) you can expect your shares to change too.

When do my shares become available?

Your shares will be marked as available 12 months from when you purchased that item. Unless it’s a holiday, where shares are only available after you’ve been.

Important things to know about retailers

Every retailer might have a slightly different set of rules, it’s important to read the ‘Important things to know’ on the dedicated retailer page.

WeShop Events

Video description: WeShop X Mars the Label 2022 Official launch party with Arianna Ajtar. Hosted in Rosso, Manchester, UK. Performers include Wes Nelson & Nino Violin.

Video description: WeShop X Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2023, principal partner for the world’s largest celebrity football match.

Video description: WeShop X London Fashion Week 2023: Julian Macdonald sponsorship.

Video description: WeShop X Maddison Sara, an evening at MNKY HSE, Manchester. Launch video for new brand Luxe to Kill fashion.

Video description: WeShop X Tina Stinnes / Litora, sustainable swimwear. Hosted at the Dorchester Hotel, London.

Logos & Branding


WeShop Logo

The recognisable ‘W’ logo & WeShop text.


WeShop App Icon

The WeShop app icon in the standard style.


WeShop Background

The classic WeShop background for posts.

Statistics & Data

If you had $1,000 of Amazon shares in 1997, they'd be worth $1.64m today

WeShop has given over £10m in shares back to the community

If you'd had $1,000 of Google Shares in 2004, they'd be worth $1.16m today

Someone new joins the WeShop community every 3 minutes

WeShop has partnered with 500+ top UK retailers

Brits collectively spent over £106 billion online in 2022

35% of UK households have less than £1,500 in savings

Amazon had 5m+ UK app downloads in 2022

Over 10% of UK households have £0 in savings


Statista, UK average household savings and investments 2022, Most downloaded shopping apps UK

WeShop, internal reporting (available upon request)

Amazon & Google Share Price Values (available upon request)